iVow is an exciting online marriage class that takes you and your spouse on a journey through the wedding vows and teaches you how to grow stronger in your marriage together.  Through the eight sessions you and your spouse will learn more about yourselves and your relationship.  You’ll learn important skills to keep your marriage exciting and growing each and every day.  Whether you are newly married, in the golden years of your marriage, or somewhere in between iVow is designed to help you grow stronger in your love for each other.

Your vows are the foundation of your marriage and were there from the very beginning. iVow helps you to make them vibrant and relevant for each and every day of your relationship.

iVow Consists of 8 Sessions leading you from an understanding of the strengths and areas of growth in your marriage through guided lessons, exercises, and fun experiences on how to grow stronger in the Vows you made as a couple for use each and every day.

Your iVow Enrollment Includes:

– Full Access to the Online Course

– The iVow E-Book for Download

– 2 iVow Books  (shipped upon enrollment)


Course Sessions:

– Welcome & Introduction

– Session 1 : Looking at Your Marriage

– Session 2 : I Take You to Be My Husband / Wife

– Session 3 : To Love and To Cherish

– Session 4 : For Better – For Worse

– Session 5 : For Richer – For Poorer

– Session 6 : Forsaking All Others

– Session 7 : In Sickness – In Health

– Session 8 : ‘Til Death Do Us Part

– Summary & Closing :  What’s Next for Your Marriage?